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About Us

Our mission

La Fille Du Laitier is a theatre delivery service, bringing creative and innovative theatre to your doorstep. Using a portable theatre scene attached to a delivery truck, we travel around the small communities in the City of Montreal, with the aim of democratizing art, creating a theatre that is affordable and accessible to those who may not normally get the chance to experience it. Our mandate is to produce family-friendly new texts or adaptations of classics, for the outdoor stage, and for English and French audiences alike. The company currently has five theatre productions which are also available to perform in indoor venues.

Click on the section our productions and contact us for more details.

Ashort story

One day, we had this crazy, strong, folkloric idea of doing theatre in a truck. To get closer, to getmoving, to surprise, to brighten a passerby’s routine for a moment, to apprehend, to demystify, to pique curiosity.

In April 2015, Caroline Bélanger, Marie-Hélène BélangerDumas and Jon Lachlan Stewart, three graduates of the National Theatre School of Canada founded La Fille Du Laitier. Together, they unite to create their first production, Checkout 606, which now celebrates 300 performances.

Inspired by the food truck movement, the Company’s co-founders are developing their theatre delivery concept and acquiring a 22-foot fire truck formerly used by volunteer firefighters. Their desire to democratize theatre, to meet people on their doorstep and to offer a different kind of street art comes to life with theuse of a completely autonomous portable urban scene.

From the very first kilometer, La Fille Du Laitier is all wheels in motion! Since then, every summer, the Company tours several cities and festivals to showcase its creations to new audiences.

The co-founders

Board of directors

Caroline Bélanger – President
Marie-Hélène Bélanger Dumas – Vice-president
Martin Thiboutot – Secretary
Christine Lampron – Treasurer
Stéphanie Mc Kibbin – Administrator
Charles Morin – Administrator


“Ce spectacle s’inscrivait parfaitement dans la philosophie de l’arrondissement soit d’offrir une initiation au théâtre à tous ainsi que de créer des bulles de plaisir aux passants lors de leur déambulation dans les rues.”

Anne-Marie CollinsChef de division-projets spéciaux // Plateau Mont-Royal // Septembre 2017

“La fille du laitier est sans contredit ma plus belle découverte théâtrale de l’été. (...) Leur travail est d’une très grande qualité et sait charmer tous les publics. C’est à voir et revoir!”

Blogue Vinyles CollectifsSeptembre 2017