Macbeth Muet

60 minutes
14 +
Indoor show


A soldier loyal to his country encounters three witches on the battlefield that tell him he will be king. Now, Macbeth and his partner in crime, lady Macbeth, are on a bloody path of ambition, power, and betrayal.

Macbeth Muet completely deconstructs this Shakespeare Tragedy into a fastpaced, visceral theatre experience, using the body, objects as imagery, and a ton of fake blood. Entire scenes are reduced to a single look, as Shakespeare’s complex and beautiful poetry is rendered mute, and searing. And through it all, a couple is transformed irrevocably. Our Macbeth is a world so devoid or morality or thought and so disposed towards action and results that human lives are as disposable as styrofoam cups. And the excess, the blood, the scraps, the waste, will all be left behind for future kings. Macbeth Muet is a production performed by two actors, using elaborate sound design, physical theatre, and inanimate objects to represent the play’s characters.

The artistic team

Creators: Marie-Hélène Bélanger Dumas et Jon Lachlan Stewart

Director:  Jon Lachlan Stewart

Set design : Cédric Lord

Sound Design: Jon Lachlan Stewart

Performers: Clara Prévost et Jérémie Francoeur


“« Imaginative, ingenious, startlingly powerful: that’s the high-impact 50minute version of Shakespeare’s Macbeth delivered to us by Montreal’s La Fille du Laitier.»”

Liz // 21 août 2018

“« Now and again – and not very often – I just want to write, “See it!” and not a word more. »”

Jo LedinghamTheatre reviews On the scene // 30 mai 2018

“« …inventive and oxygenating (…) it may break your heart in a way you don’t see coming.”(…)What’s unexpected, and impressive, is the social and emotional acuity of this variation on Shakespeare’s play. (…) this production hasn’t forgotten the essential role of sex in marriage, including the Macbeths’.»”

Laura Collins-HuguesThe New York Times // Septembre 2017

“5 étoiles”

CBC Winnipeg

“5 étoiles”

NOW Magazine // Toronto